The New Global History Regents Exam

By Dennis Urban on Tuesday, April, 9th, 2019 in global, regents, Regents Review, regents review classes.
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Global History and Geography Regents Review Class – Long Island Regents Prep, Farmingdale, NY

This spring, the New York State Education Department will offer two examinations for students taking Global History & Geography.  The first examination will be on Monday, June 3, and will follow the new course framework.  This new exam will contain roughly 30 stimulus-based questions, a constructed-response short-answer question, and an enduring issues essay.  Many high schools on Long Island are having their students take the transition examination which requires students to write both a thematic essay and a DBQ essay in addition to 30 stimulus-based questions  That examination is being offered on Thursday, June 20.  When selecting the appropriate review course for your sophomore-aged child, please consider the exam they are taking.  If you are not sure, please contact your child’s social studies teacher.

Some schools are allowing students to take both exams.  In that case, we suggest you consult with your son/daughter to determine which exam he/she most needs to review for.  Luckily, we are offering review sessions for both exams.  You can find out more by visiting our website,

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